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Intermapper 6.5.1

Intermapper 6.5.1 nouveautés et améliorations

Septembre 2020


  • Mise à jour d’OpenSSL vers la version 1.0.2U pour MacOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows,
  • Mise à jour de pour Linux/Mac et Cygwin (Windows) pour plus de robustesse et corrections d’erreur,
  • Mise à jour de CloneIM.VBS pour Windows pour plus de robustesse et corrections d’erreur,
  • Correction de la vulnérabilité CVE-2016-2107,
  • Les liens avec le status Admin Down peuvent recevoir un Acknoledged des 3 types (plus seulement Basic),
  • Ajout de la possibilité d’utiliser Java pour un utilisateur non Root.

Autres corrections

  • Fixed Kali UI client crashes on AIOOBE in Layer-2 Switches.
  • Fixed the map list to represent correct statuses.
  • Fixed down interfaces to be displayed in a down status, rather than in red and with an OK status.
  • Fixed excess Event Log messaging from built-in NetScreen VPN probes.
  • Fixed the issue where databases have frequent ERROR logs after upgrading to version 6.5b1.
  • Fixed the issue where Intermapper crashes with ASSERT if it cannot load file from Icons.
  • Fixed missing IANA-CHARSET-MIB in IM Settings.
  • Fixed the Trial license expired window so it is no longer cropped on SUSE Linux Enterprise systems.
  • Fixed the Intermapper update mechanism so it no longer sends users to an obsolete link.
  • Fixed incorrect dates and times when changing a chart scale.
  • Fixed dropping Ignore settings for interface windows.
  • Fixed the Alarm Point delay, repeat, and count controls.
  • Fixed the group email notifier service so it no longer crashes.
  • Fixed CISCO-VIRTUAL-SWITCH-MIB error at startup.
  • Fixed SSL errors and datapoints report synchronization issues that were causing executions to hang.
  • Fixed the tcpInfo device list sort flags so they no longer create ASSERT errors.
  • Fixed a memory problem which could result in service crashes showing an Unknown Signal -6 error.
  • Fixed insertion errors in multiple database tables that caused IMDC to crash and exit.

Export des cartes en format visio et .svg

La version 6.5 permet d’exporter les cartes aux format Visio et .svg

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